Local Effective Altruism Network

Find resources and support for your local EA group

You are in an extraordinary position.

You are part of a generation closer than anyone has ever been to eliminating poverty, factory farming, threats to our existence and so much more.

The Local Effective Altruism Network wants to make reaching these goals as easy as possible for you.

We provide free resources and support to local Effective Altruism groups, including websites, meetup.com accounts, and personalised advice, including help with setting up a group if there’s not one nearby.

What is Effective Altruism?

With the growth of effective altruism, thousands of scientists, academics, politicians, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and students are coming together to work out how an individual can make the greatest possible impact.

Effective Altruists are using data, reason and compassion to work out the most effective ways of improving the world, and LEAN want to help you find your role in this.