Local Effective Altruism Network

About LEAN

The Local Effective Altruism Network want to give you an important role to play in perhaps the most exciting force for good we've ever seen.

A Growing Community

We are currently building a network of Loal Groups who organise meetups, lectures, film screenings, fundraising events, workathons and more, each with the aim of introducing this social movement to more and more people who want to know how to make our world even better.

We Want to Help

Some Local Groups are just starting out, and are led by one organizer, while others have grown to attract hundreds of attendees to their events.

Whatever stage you're at, we want to help. If you're reading about Effective Altruism for the first time now, and think it sounds like a good idea, get in touch!

Whether you'd like to think about joining an existing group, starting a completely new one or taking your existing group's activities to the next level, we can help - just drop us an email.