Local Effective Altruism Network

Our Vision

The Local Effective Altruism Network wants to change the way we approach altruism. With so many opportunities to do good, we face some difficult decisions about an individual’s place in this arena: Which causes should you support? Where should you donate? What’s the best use of your time? It is far less daunting, and far more productive, to tackle these questions as a unified community.

Through building a global network of people who share the common goal of making the greatest possible impact, we are creating a space for international cohesion: we are opening the gateway for meaningful communication and creating a platform for collaboration.

With the support of a network of like-minded, intelligent and passionate groups, individuals are far more likely to solidify their own commitment to effective altruism. From this strengthened engagement alone, we are making significant advances towards scaling effective altruism and leveraging more human capital and a greater number of donations. Our hopes and intentions, however, go far beyond this. We want to make it as easy as possible for individuals to multiply their impact by guiding others towards more effective altruistic pursuits. For LEAN, this means:

  • Working hard to sustain people’s enthusiasm when they can’t find a co-organizer or are struggling to get more than one person to attend their meetup...
  • ...so that they can eventually get to the stage where they need our help with contacting high-profile speakers, managing a 2000-strong mailing list, or publicising a careers conference.
  • Providing high-quality materials for groups to use and distribute
  • Giving guidance on how to make events welcoming to a diverse crowd
  • Encouraging groups to hold more events and scale their efforts
  • Working with larger groups to develop and share best practices with smaller groups
  • Providing funding and expertise to develop professional websites and email addresses, tailored to each group’s individual needs.

Translated into actionable goals for LEAN, this means:

  • Supporting a full-time Local Group Support Team
  • Strictly adhering to a quick maximum response time.
  • Developing a centralised, easy-to-use repository of group resources.
  • Creating more smaller groups and a clear focus on helping them to grow.
  • Ensuring that every local group is regularly checked up on, personally.

Achieving these goals will allow us to spread the word about Effective Altruism much further than it’s gone so far, developing more groups and supporting those that have already been formed; letting more people know how they can most effectively change the world, and then helping them do it.

Georgie Mallett, Executive Director, .impact