Local Effective Altruism Network

What We've Done


So far, there is a network of over 300 EA groups and presences, all geared towards making a positive impact in the most effective way. 155 of these were directly seeded and set up by LEAN in the past 18 months or so, whilst many more have benefitted from LEAN’s provision of resources and advice, including best practices on starting out; events and recruiting; flyers and posters; funding for professional mailing lists and personally tailored tips and skype contact.

A number of these groups consist of several organizers, and attract hundreds of attendees to their events, while others are still starting out and consist of one organizer. Both can proliferate with the support of the Local EA Network, though - in the near future - we intend to focus on guiding the smaller groups towards expansion.

In early 2016, we conducted the first Local Group Organizer Survey, in order to work out the best ways of developing the network. The Local Group Organizer Survey Report and our internal Impact Assessment Report are the best illustrations of our impact so far, and will help to shape many of our plans for the future.

If you have thoughts on our impact and future, we would love to hear them. Email lean.future@eahub.org

Sister Projects

LEAN is part of .impact, an umbrella organisation which manages several projects. As well as LEAN (our primary focus), we also run

  • The EA Newsletter, which lets over 10,000 people know what’s going on in the world of Effective Altruism every month. Subscribe here
  • The EA Hub,which has details of hundreds of local groups and profiles of thousands of Effective Altruists to promote global coordination
  • The EA Forum, a space which sees dozens of posts of EA-related original content every months.
  • Students for High-Impact Charity, promoting doing good as effectively as possible in an as-yet-untapped area: pre-university schools.
  • The Survey of Effective Altruists, produced in 2014 and 2015 to help us understand more about the growing community of people who want to do good effectively.